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Because dark_puck made me do it...

Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...


You scored 55% Order/Chaos, and 58% Moral/Rational

Morality with an orderly/chaotic split. You've got a fixed idea of morality, you know that for sure, but your view on regulations waffles. Rules are rules, but you're also able to see when it's really more of a guideline. Your strengths arise from your balanced view of order that allows you to carefully choose strategies for furthering your causes; your weakness is the fact that, given the success your strengths are likely to give you, you may not be receptive to the idea that you are not absolutely in the right.

The 4-grid I used to determine this is as follows:

Chaotic Orderly
Moral Gryffindor Hufflepuff
Rational Slytherin Ravenclaw

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Title: Pulse
Characters: Toph, Sokka
Rating: PG

Inspired by this piece of awesome fanart by Cottonball

Originally written for atla_thelibrary Picture is worth 1000 Words challenge.

PulseCollapse )

atlaland Writing Bingo Card

Okay, so here's the actual card for the atlaland writing bingo.

Earth Kingdom funerals
book of myths and legends
secret talent
bad habits
secret fantasy
popular pair
if we had never met
you are in my blood
take my hand
lights danced in the water
phenomenal cosmic power
it's not my fault
the burden hardest to bear
You got WHAT pierced?
born to be kings
when it rains, it pours
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters: Hakoda, Arnook
Word Count: 327
Summary: The Northern Water Tribe has no heir, a situation the chief must address

A Question of SuccessionCollapse )


Live for your Nation

Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Prompt: "Never give up/Never give in/Be on our side so we can win" by dark_puck
Characters: Mai, Xian (OC)
Summary: A revolutionary ready to die for his nation is given a choice
Word Count: 1792

Would you Die for the Fire Nation?Collapse )

EDIT: Fixed typos
EDIT: Turns out that hedgehog39 did not do the research. A qipao is women's wear. A man would wear a changshan


Just got back from the NJ trip that I took tiptoe39 on to attend Salute to Supernatural.

The concept of a geek fandom where guys are outnumbered by girls 10 to 1 blows my mind. Truly, the 21st century takes no prisoners.

Laverian Chronicles Entry 3

Houses of the Kingdom: Representatives

The noble families of the Laverian Peninsula are accorded far less power in current times than in years past. The aftermath of the Crownswar and the accompanying animosity of the the Claimant Warlords has left the Princess Regent with little faith in the nobility.

Current royal law requires all titled families desiring to be recognized as such to have a representative at the Court of Laveria. This liaison/diplomat/spy is chosen by the Court every season from a selection of candidates put forth by the House. If no candidate is selected, the noble family must do without a representative for a season.

The official Court representative is the only one that can put forth petitions to the crown on behalf of his or her represented party and vote on policy. This has made the position a coveted one that is almost as powerful as that of the head of the noble house. However, because it is chosen by the Court, individuals of obvious skill, charisma, and power are rarely elevated. Thus, a noble house is likely to select individuals who are reasonably competent but not likely to be viewed as a threat. This often backfires, and a weak or easily pliable individual is selected. However, sometimes a relative unknown can rise to prominence and garner great political power for a noble House.

Laverian Chronicles Entry 2


The raw power of Mana is not meant for direct use. The degenerations of those possessed of the Talent is evidence enough of this. However, in addition to being one of the few weapons against spirits, Hellborne, and the fey, it is simply too powerful a tool not to be used. Using lore borrowed from Hakarin scholars and stolen from the elves, methods for controlled use of mana have been devised.

The primary method is the Channeling Matrix. These matrices are runic scars/tatoos that direct a set amount of mana and "grounds" the surplus (which would otherwise feed back and be contained in a mana-user's body) safely. In addition, a channeler requires Form Matrices to effect those powers that do not stem from a natural Talent. With the proper Form Matrices, a channeler can use words, gestures, and meditative techniques to direct the flow of mana and achieve the desired result.

Stronger and more complex Forms require more energy than simpler ones. A channeler can quickly gather and direct the energy capacity allowed by his or her Channeling Matrixes. Excess power must be consciously accumulated and direct and can have unpredictable and dangerous consequences if it is not tightly and skillfully controlled.

Laverian Chronicles Entry 1

NOTE: I intentionally started writing this background information in a haphazard and piecemeal fashion (with unexplained references and whatnot) to prompt myself to fill in the blanks.

The Kingdom of Lavery
Three years ago, the Crownswar was brought to an end by the Lady Nadia Tyris, who set aside house politics and brokered a deal with the Guilders to back her in a bid for the crown. With her Light Dragoons using gunpowder weapons supplied by the guild, she was able to break through the opposing armies and occupy the Throne City.

She was able to secure peace by seducing Lord Arturo Veran, Lord-Captain of the Crownsguard and a royal cousin of the assassinated king. A marriage was quickly secured and, armed with a legitimate claim, she made an overture to the Supreme Commander of the Knights of the White Lion, camped ten miles from the Throne City and withholding their support from all factions. By promising her support to the knights in their desire to remove the current First Pontiff from office, she secured their help in pacifying the Throne City.

Between the hammer of the White Lion and the anvil of the walls of New Malaris, the Claimant Warlords were routed and forced to abandon the siege.

Musings on the Laverian Chronicles

I keep mentioning a darkish fantasy setting that I've had going in my head since about 2001 or so. It started when I was bored while working at the computer lab (bow to your mighty ACS Computer Lab monitor overlords!) while skipping between the 3.0 D&D books and Heretics of Dune.

The notion of clerics being concrete proof of divine power clashed with the various factions of post-scattering Duniverse advancing their political and religious agendas at the same time. I got to thinking about taking the concrete proof of divinity out of D&D and setting it as a religious war between (mostly) civilized nation-states and mad, slavering cultists that worshipped abhorrent demonic and/or lovecraftian entities.

Then, being the godless liberal that I am, thought about non-religious people getting caught in the crossfire. So I added more ideas to the pot about the growing power of science! Most notably, the advent of reliable gunpowder weapons within a few years of the campaign start.

Then I thought, okay, why are the only paladins presented Lawful Good tin-cans? Why can only "good" religions have holy warriors? Answer? They didn't. So I re-worked the notion of the paladin into the Zealot.

Spells per day? I've hated that since day one. I understand its use as a balancing mechanic, but I hate it. I hate it with a flaming, burning, fiery passion that can not be described without rupturing the eardrums of everyone in a six-hundred-sixteen-meter radius. Moving on.

So I let it percolate. When I got the psionics manual, I decided that all psionic characters will eventually go crazy. After awhile, I got my hands on Blue Rose, my thoughts on which you can read here. I decided that the setting irritated me enough that I wanted to make a bleaker setting where religious zeal had a reason and magic had consequences. Deadly consequences. Going back to my earlier views, I decided that, in my setting, untrained "wild" magic leads to madness. Always. No exceptions. The only way to avoid madness is to "muzzle" magical talent through learned study and various magical traditions by which magic could be safely directed and excess mana "grounded". (I know, I know, Warhammer had the idea long before I did, but then again, Realms of Chaos was actually my introduction to the Warhammer world lore, so that probably had a subliminal influence.)

I was also heavily influenced by the political machinations of A Song of Ice and Fire and Final Fantasy Tactics.

So. Warring aristocratic factions. Religious fervor. Dangerous magic. Rise of scientific thought.

(Sheeyit, why aren't I playing WHFRP again?)

So, we come to the present. I've recently gotten a good look at Swords and Wizardry and like the simplicity of it. Which naturally brought me around to how to hack it to the setting.

So, to sum up, I'm going to try to type up some of the various notes about the background that I've been sitting on for so very long.